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If you have water drainage problems on your property, a French drain is an effective and straightforward drainage system that can help rid your property of excess water.

Your property may benefit from a French Drain if:

  • The soil is often soggy and standing water is common

  • Your basement floods regularly

  • Your yard includes a retaining wall on a hillside


One of the best ways to solve the issue of leaking basements, crawl spaces and soggy soil is to install a French drain. This is a simple trench drain in your yard that intercepts the water moving sideways through the soil toward your home. A perforated pipe at the bottom of the narrow trench captures the water and redirects it to the lowest spot on your property. The trench gets filled with rounded or slightly angular gravel, and water moving through the soil encounters the gravel, falls down to the perforated pipe and uses the pipe to bypass your home.

Not only do French Drains help keep excess water away from the foundation of your home, but they can also beautify your home and are eco-friendly. Using eco-friendly materials to build it can help not only the environment but also your wallet.


If you’re thinking about getting a French drain installed on your property, you’ll want to know what makes a French Drain better than other drainage options. 


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